RMBC-hosted 2013 OB NOTRA National Results (September 29, 2013)

What: There were 4 dog races with 3 programs using drag lure.

Where: Zoiboyz Ranch, Peyton CO served as the venue for the competition.

KC Thompson (Race Meet Secretary) submitted the results to the NOTRA organization, which has approved them as official.

The NOTRA Nationals had sixty seven hounds participating, representing ten sighthound breeds.

Six hounds won new merit titles: five (5) Junior Oval Racing (JOR) titles & one (1) Senior Oval Racing (SOR) title.

It takes 4 JOR legs or 6 SOR legs to win each merit title. Although there were no championship titles won, twenty-seven (27) hounds earned points that advanced them closer to their ORC or their SORC titles.

Winning the Oval Racing Champion (ORC) title requires 12 points
Supreme Oval Racing Champion (SORC) title requires 30 national racing champion (NRC) points.


GREYHOUNDS – 4 entered

FinishNOTRA#Call NameRegistered NameOwnerSCORENOTES
1G-1345JakeCarradeo’s OneDaro Hyder 201 ORC 1 NRC
      JOR, SOR
2G-1389ZoneWW Time ZoneCobleigh/Cosgr 12.5 ORC, .5 NRC
3G-1386KooraWhirling Koora ORCAverill12SCR3
4G-1378HillaryWW Site on HillCobleigh6SCR3

Race by race results

Prog 1Race 1Koora, Jake, Hillary, Zone
Prog 2Race 1Jake, Koora, Zone, Hillary
Prog 3Race 1Jake, Zone


FinishNOTRA#Call NameRegistered NameOwnerSCORENOTES
1IW-pending NoorRockhart NoorShelly Hood221 ORC 1 NRC
      JOR, SOR
2IW-87 MarigoldTralen’s Merry Gold PurlTracey Luty16JOR

Race by race results

Prog 1Race 2Noor, Marigold
Prog 2Race 2Noor, Marigold
Prog 3Race 2Noor, Marigold

SALUKI—6 entered

FinishNOTRA#Call NameRegistered NameOwnerSCORENOTES
1Sa-179LanceWindbourne Levanto Lancer JORJean Colletti22ORC 2 NRC 2
2Sa-168MochaTimaru Wild Acclaim SOR ORCM. Smith161 NRC
3Sa-147Honky CatCarnis’ Canem-Dei Honky CatS. Gamble12.5 ORC, JOR
4Sa-148 LolaCarni’s Canem-Dei CopacabanaCynthia Hahn12.5 ORC, JOR
5Sa-185JaziJazirat SadiyahM. Smith10JOR
6Sa-180MishaWindbourne Michabo Misha JORJean Colletti0DNF1, DNF2,

Race by race results

Prog 1Race 3Jazi, Honky Cat
Prog 1Race 8Lance, Mocha, Lola, Misha (DNF)
Prog 2Race 3Honky Cat, Misha (DNF)
Prog 2Race 8Lance, Mocha, Lola, Jazi
Prog 3Race 3Lola, Jazi
Prog 3Race 8Lance, Mocha, Honky Cat

AFGHANS—11 entered

FinishNOTRA#Call NameRegistered NameOwnerSCORENOTES
1A-228GuinmaraesHumbarauma of SynergonAbresch, O’Neill224 ORC 4 NRC
      JOR, SOR
2A-pendingHabbiHabawabanaki of SynergonAbresch, O’Neill152 ORC 2 NRC
      JOR, SOR
3A-230SiennaEl Zagel’s Arcadian ColorsVicki Fagre-Stroetz131 ORC 1 NRC
      JOR, SOR
4A-205GemmaChaos El Zagel Wild Abandon Rahwynd ORC Britton, Sullivan, Bruggeman12 
5A-229RoryEl Zagel’s Centuries of Youth JORVicki Fagre-Stroetz 1111SOR
6A-226QuinnEl Zagel On the Road to ClintonDeann Britton10JOR
7A-204AutumnCameo Rah-Wynd Indian Summer JORSchulz, Sullivan, Britton1010 
8A-212KiratKirat SOR ORCVicki Fagre-Stroetz9 
9A-196CasperCameo Friendly Ghost SORConnie Sullivan9 
10A-195TariqCameo RahWynd Chasing a Ghost JORDeann Britton4 
11A-192PacoSebring Elan Carumba JORVicki Fagre-Stroetz2

Race by race results

Prog 1Race 4Quinn, Autumn, Tariq, Paco
Prog 1Race 7Habbi, Rory, Kirat
Prog 1Race 10Guinmaraes, Gemma, Sienna, Caspar
Prog 2Race 4Kirat, Autumn, Tariq, Paco
Prog 2Race 7Sienna, Rory, Casper
Prog 2Race 10Guinmaraes, Habbi, Gemma, Quinn
Prog 3Race 4Autumn-Casper (tie), Paco, Tariq
Prog 3Race 7Rory, Quinn, Kirat
Prog 3Race 10Guinmaraes, Habbi, Sienna, Gemma


FinishNOTRA#Call NameRegistered NameOwnerSCORENOTES
1R-284BettyAkanni’s The Third WishA.Balthrop, H.Goudy222 ORC, 2 NRC
      JOR SOR
2R-pendingZeldaAkanni’s The Last of the BellesA.Balthrop, H.Goudy151 ORC, 1 NRC
3R-240GirlieMazoe’s Whirly GirlieAnn Chamberlain12JOR
4R-283MhambiAkanni’s The Fifth ElementH.Goudy, B.Johnson9DQ3
5R-263NiaKandu Nia UkuuJ.Haley,Koler-Matznick4OC2, OC3
6R-285ZohanAkanni’s Don’t Mess With MeA. Balthrop3DNF2,DNF3

Race by race results

Prog 1Race 5Zelda, Zohan
Prog 1Race 9Betty, Mhambi, Nia, Girlie
Prog 2Race 5Girlie, Zohan (DNF)
Prog 2Race 9Betty, Zelda, Mhambi, Nia (OC)
Prog 3Race 5Nia (OC), Zohan (DNF)
Prog 3Race 9Betty, Zelda, Girlie, Mhambi (DQ)

BASENJI – 4 entered

FinishNOTRA#Call NameRegistered NameOwnerSCORENOTES
1BA-229AriJedaka’s Independent Spirit SORC3Terry Colbert221 NRC
2BA-148ZuriJerlin’s Our Zuri Pupin SORCTerry Colbert16.5 NRC
3BA-pendingTrulyTeazer Chiya’s Chitty Chitty Bang BangSteffie Cheng101 ORC, JOR
4BA-156BisaKhamsin Imani Our Bisa Zanta ORCTerry Colbert9

Race by race results

Prog 1 Race 6Ari, Zuri, Bisa, Truly
Prog 2Race 6Ari, Zuri, Truly, Bisa
Prog 3Race 6Ari, Zuri, Truly, Bisa


FinishNOTRA#Call NameRegistered NameOwnerSCORENOTES
1SW-168ApacheFirebird’s Lone RangerBuhrdorf172 ORC 2 NRC
      JOR SOR
2SW-111SergeiVelichestvo SergeiAshley Caskey14DNF3
3SW-3CzarKristull Jaromir JORM&K Leach131 ORC 1 NRC
4SW-94AlexVelichestvo Aleksandrovich JORM&K Leach10DNF3
5SW-4SashaKristull Arcadia By TangaloorM&K Leach9JOR

Race by race results

Prog 1Race 12Czar, Sasha
Prog 1Race 15Sergei, Alex, Apache
Prog 2Race 11Apache, Sasha
Prog 2Race 14Sergei, Alex, Czar
Prog 3Race 11Czar, Sasha

BORZOI – 8 entered

FinishNOTRA#Call NameRegistered NameOwnerSCORENOTES
1BZ-642EncoreZoiboyz Encore JORThompson-Golcher183 ORC 3 NRC
2BZ-660Red DawnSilkenswift New Year’s Red DawnThompson-Golcher 161.5 ORC 1.5 NRC
      JOR, SOR
3BZ-pendingQueenDel Sol Red QueenS. van de Water13.5 ORC .5
      JOR NRC
4BZ-pendingLeggsDel Sol Endless EndeavorS. van de Water8JOR
5BZ-641EclipseZoiboyz Eclipse of the Heart JORThompson-Golcher8DQ2
6BZ-676EdenAttaway-Kinobi Running to ParadisePearce & Peters-Campbell8DNF3
7BZ-670SparkleStarswift Lightning Blitz of ShilohConnie Jordan3OC2, SCR3
8BZ-pendingFlashStarswift Lightning Flash at ZoiboyzThompson-Golcher 0OC1

Race by race results

Prog 1Race 13Red Dawn, Queen, Leggs, Flash (OC)
Prog 1Race 18Eclipse, Encore, Eden, Sparkle
Prog 2Race 12Queen, Leggs, Sparkle (OC), Flash (SC2)
Prog 2Race 17Encore, Eden, Red Dawn, Eclipse (DQ2)
Prog 3Race 12Queen, Leggs
Prog 3Race 17Red Dawn, Encore, Eden (DNF)